The Toy and the Terrible Teeth

I was quite angry and embarrassed to see that my dog had chewed on one of my sex toys. I usually keep the toys where the dog can’t get to them, but one day I forgot to put the toy in its usual place. I washed the toy off after I used it, so there was a little relief on that part, but it was still terrible to see teeth marks and slashes all over one of my toys. I tried putting a little super glue on the toy, but the glue couldn’t really make a solid bond, due to the material that was used to make the toy. I had no choice but to throw it away.

I looked online for a toy to replace the one that my dog destroyed. I wanted to find one that was exactly like the one I had, but unfortunately that particular model had been discontinued. It was a real shame, because that particular toy was made from a special celebrity mold. If I had to guess, the deal between the celebrity who was used for the mold and the company that made the mold must have ended, meaning that legally the company couldn’t sell any more of that toy.

I saw that the same company had a new toy that was made from a different celebrity mold. This toy had a motor on the inside that was operated by a rechargeable battery, which was a vast improvement from the previous toy, which didn’t have any kind of motor at all. The motor also had the ability to vibrate the toy in phases. The toy could do a continuous vibration, do quick and long pulses, and even rotate in different directions. I would really like to know where the company acquired the engineers to make such a product.