Picking Great Corporate Entertainment Got Me a Full Time Job Doing It

I really did not like being picked to plan our corporate events. I missed out on the secret of getting out of the work. You need to do an okay job so you don’t look like an idiot, but you have to make the event just boring enough that they do not ask you to do it again next year. Well, I actually wanted us to have a great holiday party, so I planned the event to be lots of fun. It was fun, and the boss put me in charge of coordinating the awards dinner. I thought, magician hire would be a fun thing to entertain everyone. It was a big hit. The guy was really good, and the managers kept talking about the entertainment I picked for our corporate awards event for weeks.

Our regional company has a few hundred employees, and about half show up at the parties. Now we have about 95 percent of the employees showing up for the ones I had been planning. The main office saw the change, and they asked me if I would plan an event for the executive management staff for the main office. They did not get to see the magician hire I made for the last dinner, so I scheduled him again. It is funny, but that performer actually helped me get a promotion to a job that did not even exist before.

Our corporate structure is spread out over a large area. We have a lot of employees and plenty of annual corporate events for employees and managers to attend. Now I plan all of the events. I guess I do have a knack for finding great after dinner corporate entertainment as well as picking great catering and planing a nice menu. I kind of like it better than my old job, but I do feel the pressure to make each event a little better than the last one.