My Wife and Daughter Banned Me from Smoking in the House or Car but Are Okay with Vaping

My family has been complaining about my smoking for years now. I have been voted out of the house after we remodeled. My wife and kids used to only allow me to smoke on the sun porch. Now I cannot smoke anywhere inside. I cannot smoke in our cars even if no one is with me. I get confronted if I break the rules. They say it stinks, and they do not want it on their clothes or the furniture. When I noticed the smell on my own jacket, I checked out a review of 710 Pen Portable Vaporizer. The reason I looked into getting one was because of sitting next to a guy who had one. The vapor coming out of the pen and when he exhaled smelled like candy. It had a pleasant sweet smell with no smoky smell at all.

I was not brave enough to just go ahead and tell my family that I was not able to give up my nicotine. However, I did want to be able to watch a football game in the house without having to go outside to smoke. It is our neighbor who has the 710 Pen. They checked it out and noticed that it did not give off any offensive smoke odors. They agreed that I could vape on the sun porch and watch football. You do not want to argue with a group of strong women. My wife and four daughters put down the smoking rules for me, and I did not want to expose them to second-hand smoke anyway.

I have been happy with my 710 Pen. It puts out a lot of vapor to make it more of a realistic smoking kind of experience. I stick with the sweet smelling oils and e-juices inside and in the car. I sometimes switch to a more tobacco kind of flavor when in other places. I am surprised, but I am not smoking real cigarettes much at all now. Being able to break the routine may be my ticket to quitting it all.