Getting Started with Fantasy Basketball

NBA-hiaguinhoo & lebron james: Maio 2010Every winter, it seems like a good number of my coworkers, and several of my family members, are only able to talk about one thing: their fantasy basketball teams. I have to admit, for quite a while I felt left out; finally, this year, I decided to start my own team, but I honestly had no idea where to begin. The following information is what I found out regarding fantasy basketball and how to get started if you are a newbie.

First, your whole league needs to decide on which categories will earn you points. This is important; if you don’t have enough categories, your game won’t be any fun. Continue reading Getting Started with Fantasy Basketball

Lebron James Versus Kevin Durant

LeBron James in cartoon-style | Cartoonized :: where photo ...Lebron James and Kevin Durant are two of the most reputable and talented players in the game today who may go down as two of the best players in history. They each have a lot of strengths to their game and put their team on their back during long stretches during the course of the season. There are several intangibles that each player has that the other does not, which can set them apart when you are comparing.

Toughness is one of the most important intangibles that you will have to consider when comparing Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Lebron James is a beast of a man and can dominate any defender that you put on him for long stretches of time. Although physically Lebron James is more talented and stronger than Durant, Kevin Durant is tougher mentally. Continue reading Lebron James Versus Kevin Durant