Picking Great Corporate Entertainment Got Me a Full Time Job Doing It

I really did not like being picked to plan our corporate events. I missed out on the secret of getting out of the work. You need to do an okay job so you don’t look like an idiot, but you have to make the event just boring enough that they do not ask you to do it again next year. Well, I actually wanted us to have a great holiday party, so I planned the event to be lots of fun. It was fun, and the boss put me in charge of coordinating the awards dinner. I thought, magician hire would be a fun thing to entertain everyone. It was a big hit. Continue reading Picking Great Corporate Entertainment Got Me a Full Time Job Doing It

The Toy and the Terrible Teeth

I was quite angry and embarrassed to see that my dog had chewed on one of my sex toys. I usually keep the toys where the dog can’t get to them, but one day I forgot to put the toy in its usual place. I washed the toy off after I used it, so there was a little relief on that part, but it was still terrible to see teeth marks and slashes all over one of my toys. I tried putting a little super glue on the toy, but the glue couldn’t really make a solid bond, due to the material that was used to make the toy. I had no choice but to throw it away.

I looked online for a toy to replace the one that my dog destroyed. I wanted to find one that was exactly like the one I had, but unfortunately that particular model had been discontinued. It was a real shame, because that particular toy was made from a special celebrity mold. Continue reading The Toy and the Terrible Teeth

Best Prices for Texas Electricity

I have been watching a lot of anime recently, which is kind of not the point of this blog. But I wanted to mention it, because it has been awhile since I have watched much of anything. I kind of got burned out on watching television there for awhile. But right now I need to do some research on power to choose Texas to see if I can find out which company to use for my electricity company going forward.

Not that long ago, I became aware of the fact that there are other electric companies out there that offer better deals than what I was getting before. I was intrigued, naturally, and so I have decided to try to see what the best deals are and how long it would take me to switch to a new provider. Continue reading Best Prices for Texas Electricity

Just Getting Moved in This Morning

We had all of the stuff over here already, but Meg and I have just now got into the house and started to unpack stuff. Of course a lot of my stuff did not make the cut, but my buddies took a lot of it off my hands. This is a tiny place. There is just over a quarter of an acre of land and the house is basically one story with sort of a loft for a second story. I got Directv for the NFL Sunday ticket package they give you free. it is almost football season and I got a really good deal on it. Of course I was not really sure that it would work. You can not just get the satellite signal any place. You need a line of sight to the satellites, which basically means that you need to get the satellite dish and point it at a specific part of the sky. If there are trees blocking your line of sight to that point you are out of luck.

At any rate I got up on the roof with a compass and figured out which direction I needed to look and I figured out the approximate direction that I needed to point the dish. I found one spot which looked like it would work, but it did not seem practical at first. Then I realized that I could make a sort of saddle which would position the dish so that it faces in the right direction. You can buy these, but I got a good idea of what it should look like and then I borrowed a bit of tubing from the shop and asked this guy to bend it into the right shape. After that it was all fairly simple and easy to do.

My Wife and Daughter Banned Me from Smoking in the House or Car but Are Okay with Vaping

My family has been complaining about my smoking for years now. I have been voted out of the house after we remodeled. My wife and kids used to only allow me to smoke on the sun porch. Now I cannot smoke anywhere inside. I cannot smoke in our cars even if no one is with me. I get confronted if I break the rules. They say it stinks, and they do not want it on their clothes or the furniture. When I noticed the smell on my own jacket, I checked out a review of 710 Pen Portable Vaporizer. The reason I looked into getting one was because of sitting next to a guy who had one. The vapor coming out of the pen and when he exhaled smelled like candy. Continue reading My Wife and Daughter Banned Me from Smoking in the House or Car but Are Okay with Vaping

I Was Missing My Shows!

When I moved to my new house, getting television programming was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to get all of the boxes unpacked and everything organized, plus I was more worried about making sure everything else was in order, like my electricity and water getting turned on. It did not take me long to figure out that I had made a mistake though. I thought I would be able to watch my shows online, but not all of them allow that. I went to directstartv.org after my neighbor told me that is where she got her TV programming from at the best price in the area.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I was happy with everything I saw on this site. Continue reading I Was Missing My Shows!

Help Exists for Your Back Pain

A great deal of people are struggling with pain in their backs and merely don’t understand how they can ease it. There are a great deal of approaches you could make use of towards removing your back pain, tips like the ones in this short article could assist you find out the best ways to alleviate your pain in the back problems from your Alexandria Chiropractor. To obtain an immediate and, long lasting pain easing for severe back traumas, you need to get a prescription from a medical professional. Unfortunately, over the counter discomfort alleviation is not created to treat persistent pain in the back induced by significant traumas like discs that are ruptured. If you cannot get to your chiropractic practitioner right away, then ask your regular physician about getting a prescription for oxycodone or morphine. Continue reading Help Exists for Your Back Pain

Getting Started with Fantasy Basketball

NBA-hiaguinhoo & lebron james: Maio 2010Every winter, it seems like a good number of my coworkers, and several of my family members, are only able to talk about one thing: their fantasy basketball teams. I have to admit, for quite a while I felt left out; finally, this year, I decided to start my own team, but I honestly had no idea where to begin. The following information is what I found out regarding fantasy basketball and how to get started if you are a newbie.

First, your whole league needs to decide on which categories will earn you points. This is important; if you don’t have enough categories, your game won’t be any fun. Continue reading Getting Started with Fantasy Basketball

Lebron James Versus Kevin Durant

LeBron James in cartoon-style | Cartoonized :: where photo ...Lebron James and Kevin Durant are two of the most reputable and talented players in the game today who may go down as two of the best players in history. They each have a lot of strengths to their game and put their team on their back during long stretches during the course of the season. There are several intangibles that each player has that the other does not, which can set them apart when you are comparing.

Toughness is one of the most important intangibles that you will have to consider when comparing Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Lebron James is a beast of a man and can dominate any defender that you put on him for long stretches of time. Although physically Lebron James is more talented and stronger than Durant, Kevin Durant is tougher mentally. Continue reading Lebron James Versus Kevin Durant